Resources for Families

It is hard to watch a loved on struggling with addiction, especially when you feel powerless to help. We have provided a list of resources below that will empower you to help your loved ones. 

If your loved one is currently in an Adult & Teen Challenge program, we recommend finding out what curriculum they are currently working through. You can purchase the same curriculum through our online store and work through it alongside them. This will allow you to better understand what they are going through on their recovery journey.

How a Parent Can Promote Drug Prevention

Teens who use drugs have a high chance of developing addictions later in life. Many factors can lead a teen to drug use, such as curiosity, peer pressure, and emotional distress, but strong parental guidance can prevent such behavior. So, what can you do to help your teen?


Are you offering the wrong kind of help to your loved ones?

In this PDF guide, Dave Batty answers the question “What is enabling?” and gives practical advice on how to effectively help your loved ones who are struggling with addiction.

Living with a Former Addict

Whether you are a spouse, a parent, or a sibling, living with someone in addiction recovery presents many challenges. Although it may be an emotional and trying time, you serve an important role as a supporter and motivator. Now that your loved one has taken the steps to change their lifestyle, it is time for you to show your love, understanding, and forgiveness.

Present Day Miracles

This book features the stories of four young adults who came to Adult & Teen Challenge and found God’s miracles of transformation. Each one was bound by drug addiction and found new hope through a personal encounter with Jesus Christ. 

Why Faith is Important to Drug and Alcohol Recovery

Faith has always been an important aspect of drug and alcohol recovery programs. Alcoholics Anonymous was founded on Christian ideals, and many other 12-step recovery programs focus on identifying a higher power. As a Christian recovery program, we put faith at the forefront of the recovery process. Our programs focus on the teachings of Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit, guiding our students throughout the recovery process.