Start a Center

Step 1: Learn More

Learn more about the Adult & Teen Challenge, organization, and application requirements.

Step 2: Contact Us

Send us a message expressing your interest in starting a new center.

Step 3: Regional Representative Engagement

ATCUSA will inform the appropriate Regional Representative of the proposed location. The following process will then take place:

  1. Regional Representative or ATCUSA designee will meet/visit:
    • Director and spouse, if married
    • Director’s home
    • Site location for new center.
  2. Regional Representative communicates with nearest centers to proposed location.
  3. Regional Representative will make a recommendation to ATC after considering the viability of a prospective new location and how the new work fits in the overall vision for the region.
  4. If the recommendation is favorable, then A/G District Superintendent is informed by ATC of new center potential by letter, asking if there are compelling reasons ATC should not move forward.

Step 4: Application

Fill out the application and consent for a background check. The application process requires a $300.00 nonrefundable fee paid up front to help cover the cost of the background checks and administrative costs.

Step 5: Interview

If approved, the applicant will schedule a visit (at his/her own expense) to be interviewed by the National Office.

Step 6: Next Steps

Upon final approval by the ATCUSA National Office, the following process will be followed:

  1. Accreditation Office issues a Provisional Certificate (good for 18 months)
  2. The newly approved ATC ministry must then secure General Liability Insurance with minimum required coverage and also have Adult & Teen Challenge USA added as Additional Insured. This is required as a condition set by ATCUSA insurance provider. Once purchased and a copy of the new policy’s Certificate of Liability showing ATC USA added as additional insured, proceed to step 3.
  3. The new director signs the Certificate of Affiliation (COA). This will allow the legal use of the ATC name and logo to begin operating a NON-RESIDENTIAL outreach and referral office, develop a Board of Directors, raise support, secure the IRS 501 (c) 3 and begin an ATC non-residential ministry in their area.
  4. During this period, the program will need to become compliant with all ATCUSA Accreditation Standards required of a non-residential program.
  5. During the first year, attend the New Directors Conference training.
  6. Near the end of the time period, the Accreditation Manager will conduct an onsite review to help identify final details needing to be settled in order to become a fully accredited ATC program. The Outreach & Referral office will need to be operating as a fully accredited Adult & Teen Challenge before expanding into a residential program.

Note: New Directors are REQUIRED to attend the ATC USA National and ATC USA Regional Conferences over the next four years. We RECOMMENDED that Directors pursue ministerial credentials with an Ordaining Body in agreement with Assembly of God doctrine.

Note: The Review Board may REQUIRE a mentoring relationship to be established for a period of one year or more.

More Information

For more information about the process, email or call the National Office at 417-581-2181.