Why Faith is Important to Drug and Alcohol Recovery

Faith has always been an important aspect of drug and alcohol recovery programs. Alcoholics Anonymous was founded on Christian ideals, and many other 12-step recovery programs focus on identifying a higher power. As a Christian recovery program, we put faith at the forefront of the recovery process. Our programs focus on the teachings of Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit, guiding our students throughout the recovery process.

Faith Gives You a Power to Rely On

Recovering from drug and alcohol abuse can be a stressful and overwhelming task. Perhaps you are afraid that you will slip and relapse or perhaps recovery seems like too great of a task to handle on your own. Whenever you have doubts or fears, you can rely on a power greater than yourself to guide you through your struggles. When the weight of recovery seems like too much to bear, you receive strength from faith.

Faith Gives You a Sense of Purpose

When you first become sober, life can seem empty and meaningless. You may feel depressed and anxious, and you may not understand how to live out your day-to-day life. In Christian recovery programs, Biblical teachings are implemented into your everyday life so you have the tools to find fulfillment in sobriety. This is one of the main reasons why Christian recovery programs are so effective. By forming a connection with God during your drug and alcohol recovery, you receive a sense of purpose that will guide you throughout life.

Faith Helps You Heal and Forgive

Drug and alcohol recovery programs are an emotional time. You may feel resentment to people who hurt you in the past or guilty about past mistakes you have made. Through faith, you can let go of the past. By forming a relationship with God, you can let go of anger and regret and find a sense of peace. As your relationship with God grows, you will find a sense of strength that will carry you throughout the future.

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Recovery: Our Process

At Adult & Teen Challenge, we have been guiding students through addiction recovery for over 60 years. We offer a Christ-centered approach, helping our students discover and triumph over the underlying causes of their addiction and find the love and grace of Jesus Christ.

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