PSNL 605: The Intimacy of Marriage

Adult & Teen Challenge USA is proud to announce the completion of the Intimacy with Purpose series, with the release of its final study: PSNL 605 – The Intimacy of Marriage!  This new study provides a roadmap to healthy intimacy within marriage.  Readers learn to build upon healthy intimacy with God and others, to create a safe, secure, and fruitful environment for healthy intimacy within marriage.

The study answers questions like:

  • If intimacy with God builds all relationships, how does it affect marriage?
  • What is God’s design for intimacy in marriage?
  • How should we approach the topic of marriage?
  • What are healthy expectations for and motivations towards marriage?
  • How does healthy intimacy look? How should we define it?
  • How can we grow and guard intimacy within marriage?

When we talk about intimacy in marriage, we run the risk of developing tunnel vision—focusing exclusively on sexual intimacy.  While sexual intimacy is a vital and important part of intimacy in marriage, it is not the sole focus of this study.  Personal Studies for New Life in Christ 105, 205, & 305 outline God’s design and purposes for healthy sexuality.

This study focuses on the solution to problems and sexual issues in marriage.  The solution is to develop a solid foundation upon intimacy with God.  From this foundation, we can grow in intimacy with other believers—investing in discipleship and building healthy friendships and mentorships.

These relationships become structural supports, helping us to become healthy and safe individuals.  With this foundation and support, we cultivate an environment where intimacy in marriage can grow.  But this starts within your spirit, not in the bedroom.  Healthy, secure, and fun sexual intimacy within marriage is the product of a deeper internal work of the Holy Spirit in our lives.

Whether you are married or single, this study will speak to you of God’s love for us.  As we outline God’s plan for marriage, you will see the beauty in His design.  You will be challenged to rethink how you view marriage and to test the motivations of your heart—putting selfish motives aside to build something greater.  And you will learn some practical steps to guard and sustain the intimacy of marriage.

This study is available in versions for both men and women.  It is available for purchase today on our website.

The Intimacy of Marriage

This study is available for purchase today on the Adult & Teen Challenge USA website. Just click the button below to visit our online store! 

Student Feedback

“This study challenged me to rethink how I was treating and communicating with my wife.”

“This study taught me about the unity and sacredness of marriage.”

“I learned how to setup checkpoints and guardrails to protect the covenant of marriage.” 

“Honestly, this challenged me in a very deep and powerful way about how to trust in Jesus, lead my family, and be successful in marriage.”

“I was challenged to focus on the needs of my spouse, regardless of what she does or doesn’t do for me.”

“I learned a lot about how to develop, protect, and nurture intimacy in marriage.” 

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