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Program Supervisor

 Full-Time / Posted 4 weeks ago

Job Title: Program Supervisor

Reports To: Program Director

Position Summary:

The Program Supervisor shall provide leadership and management of all day-to-day activities at the center they oversee. The Program Supervisor shall:

  • Enforces all polices, discipline, resident incident reports, passes and visits.
  • Makes daily program schedule, including shift coverage, resident daily schedule, work jobs, etc.
  • Handles all medical and legal needs of the residents, to include medication, appointments, transportation
  • Oversees the maintenance of the building and all vehicles.
  • Responsible for the Kitchen/EBT, including making menus, ordering, donations, budgeting, and bringing residents to state offices as needed.

Job Skills & Requirements

  1. Christ-centered behavior, i.e., treating people with dignity, respect, compassion, and integrity at all times.
  2. Minimum Position Qualifications:
    1. Training Teen Challenge Supervisor experience, minimum three years.
    2. Hands-on PC computer knowledge, understanding and skills.
    3. Has an acceptable driving record and is able to be on the company insurance policy.
    4. Knowledge of the Bible and ability to ably and correctly apply its principles and teachings in communication with all internal persons, staff, residents, families, and volunteers.
  3. Ability to effectively meet required deadlines.
  4. Good verbal and written communication skills.
  5. Self-motivated and flexible within all areas of responsibility.
  6. Ability to foster a safe environment where people will feel comfortable sharing private pertinent information for effective treatment services.
  7. Maintain and comply with all governmental and organizational standards and expectations.
  8. Optimize internal and external relationships in ways that exemplify high Christian standards.
  9. Be aware of and contribute towards friend raising and relationship building internally and externally.
  10. Adhere to the Mission and Values statements.

Please send resume to Rick Welch at

  • Center Type : Women (18+)
  • Center Name : Teen Challenge Vermont Women's Center
  • Contact Name : Rick Welch

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