I was a drug addicted alcoholic prostitute, homeless in Texas. I was in a bad mental health state when I heard the voice of God very clearly. I was walking through a parking lot of a church still intoxicated on my way to buy more alcohol when I heard “go in that church” .. no I thought but was drawn in anyway, it was a Sunday night I immediately knew I needed to clean my life up but I did not know how. I started to go to the church but still drinking they told me about Adult and Teen Challenge of Texas, in San Antonio Women’s. I was offered and joined the “Associates program” where instead of going to find a job in the 3rd phase I would begin credentialing process with the A.G through the Global University and upon graduation I will have completed the first 10 Berean books along with the Teen Challenge Bridge courses and training along side an internship. I have since completed all the requirements and graduated on October 2nd 2021. I can say I am currently serving in the Teen Challenge ministry here as a jr. staff member.

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