Thank you Teen Challenge! 13 months sober. I attended MN Teen Challenge from January, 2021 until April, 2021. I am a recovering alcoholic. When I arrived at Teen Challenge I was broken, lost, suicidal and scared. I had lost faith in God due to the extreme abandonment and loss I suffered in my life. After just a couple of weeks, God became a part of everything I did at Teen Challenge. I was found again. I felt happy again. Teen Challenge helps you fight the deep down battles that lead to addiction thru intense process sessions and prayer. I went from having NOTHING to following my dreams. I always wanted to have a house by the beach, so I moved to Florida and have a house near the beach. I am halfway thru finishing my psychology degree…with honors! I own my own online business. Teen challenge was my 4th inpatient program and the only one that worked. I owe my life to Kelly Mack, Marianne, Courtney and all the other life coach’s and counselors that worked there. Forever, you will be in my heart and prayers!

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