Other Addictions that Cause Struggle

When most people hear the word addiction, they automatically think of drugs and alcohol. While many people do struggle with drug and alcohol addictions, those substances are not the only things people can become addicted to.


Gambling is an addiction that can have serious negative consequences for the person addicted and those close to them. Gambling and other types of risk give people a rush of adrenaline, followed by a release of positive feelings released by dopamine when they win. These are similar feelings that occur with many addictive drugs. People who become addicted to gambling become addicted to that rush, and will start betting more and more to continue feeling that high. Unfortunately, that continual pursuit will cause the person to risk more and more money, resulting in serious debt that has drastic effects on their credit score and other future financial endeavors.


Food is a common source of struggle for many. Most people who struggle with food addictions fall into one of two categories: overeaters and undereaters. Overeaters struggle with emotional eating, as food is a source of comfort for them. Typically, overeating results in feelings of guilt after the binge which creates more negative emotions. Undereaters either severely restrict their caloric intake as a means to have feelings of control, or they go on an eating binge and then purge to avoid the calories. Both types of food addictions can cause severe health and psychological issues. Severely reducing caloric intake starves the body, which reduces the ability for the body to function properly. Too much food, especially too much unhealthy food, can cause significant weight gain and still not provide the body with the necessary nutrients.

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Recovery: Our Process

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