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“I urge, then, first of all, that petitions, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for all people. . .” 1 Timothy 2:1

Our ministry was founded because David Wilkerson spent time in prayer. God called him to pray and he obeyed. Such a simple act, but God used that act of obedience to change the lives of thousands of hurting people. Today we continue to pray daily for the students in our centers and for the requests that come to us.

If you have a prayer need, use the form on this page to submit your request. We will add it to our “Prayer Wall” below.

If you are willing to join with us in prayer for these needs, you can sign up to be a Prayer Partner by clicking the link below. We will add you to our Prayer Partner email list.

Prayer Request Submissions

Note: By submitting this form, you grant permission for Adult & Teen Challenge USA to publish your prayer request on this page, as well as on our weekly Prayer Partner email list.  

Prayer Wall


Pray for my anger to cease as it’s endangering all those I love. Also, for this certain troublesome person to stay out of my path,…
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Pray for healing and strength for this guy tonight. He’s unwell but has to participate in an important event. He’s a good guy who’s sacrificing…
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I’m a graduate of Teen Challenge Long Island and I am in need of prayer for my soul. I have fallen away from the Lord…
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Please pray for those struggling with alcohol and drug addiction who were at the recent Spiritual Camp and Ex-Criminal Day. Thank you for praying.
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Please pray for my son Joel. He just turned 16 and has started drinking with friends, been caught vaping, and has been very defiant lately.…
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I pray for those who suffer from alcohol addiction and the feeling that they are alone. You’re never alone. Sending prayers and asking for prayers…
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Please pray for my daughter, Blossom, 17 years old. She is suicidal, taking drugs and have left home for 2 days now. She is not…
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Prayer for peace, strength, patience, and love through the Holy Spirit to be poured out on my family (wife Leah, daughter Anezka, Ezra, and Gramma…
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Good morning I am from Martinique so I’m French. I would like you to pray for my two nephews (20 and 16 years old) and…
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