Prayer Request: KRISTI

My husband and I are struggling big time with our 16-year-old son. He has his generation’s mentality, work ethic, and, unfortunately, their selfish look upon everything. Getting something for nothing but getting what you want and what are you going to do about it thinking is baffling to my husband and I who have worked very hard all of our lives. I worked several jobs while obtaining my degree, and my husband currently has a full-time position working night-shift work at a production plant, a part-time job that he often goes straight to after working a 12-hour night shift. He is only a month away from finishing up and receiving a Bachelor of Science Degree that he has been working towards for the last six years. Our son has been witness to all of this. We have never and will never coddle and enable him, he’s never just gotten anything handed to him, but that’s how he thinks it should be. His disrespect and lack of regard for everyone except himself are frustrating and hurtful. But as soon as he leaves the house, he manipulates, sweet talks, and cons anyone he feels would get him something for nothing, and everyone loves him and talks about what a great kid he is. All while he is at home intentionally damaging our new home (only two years old) and our personal things, breaking into places that he knows he shouldn’t, which causes damage to doors and locks. He does these things in retaliation because we won’t allow him to do or have something, hold him accountable for his behaviors, or poor grades, or expect him to complete some responsibilities around the house. He outright damages and sometimes destroys our personal property that we have worked so hard for. We feel that we are stuck. I personally know that the juvenile system does not work here in SD, and finding any programs that are appropriate and affordable has shown to be impossible. I ask for prayers to stay strong, keep our family together, and, more importantly, that maybe the “light bulb” will come on and our son will make realizations before it’s too late and the damage to our relationship with him is too far gone.