Ideas for Your Reward System

Let’s face it: sobriety is not an easy feat, and you should be rewarded for your efforts. To stay motivated and on-track during drug and alcohol recovery, set up a healthy reward system.

Start a Sober Fund

Start your reward system on day one of sobriety. Set out a jar in your room, and for every day you are sober, put in a dollar or two. Let this be your “sober fund,” a motivation to stay on-track during your drug and alcohol recovery. The longer you stay on-track, the more money you will have in your sober fund, and when you complete your drug and alcohol recovery program, you’ll have a jar full of mad money to spend. Go on a bit of shopping spree, spend the money on something you really want, and enjoy the rewards of your efforts.

Entertain Yourself

If going shopping doesn’t sound very rewarding to you, spend your money on entertainment. Go to a concert, a movie, a football game, or even an amusement park. No matter what option you choose, spend your time doing something that you will find relaxing, fun, and enjoyable.

Start a Collection

Another great way to reward yourself is with a collection. Whether you decide to collect records, movies, books, or something entirely different, a collection can be a great motivator during your drug and alcohol recovery. For each week that you stay sober, buy something new to add to your collection. By the end of your drug and alcohol recovery, you will not only have a collection to show off and enjoy, but you will see your sobriety manifest into something tangible.

Go on a Trip

During drug and alcohol recovery, planning a trip is a great way to keep your mind occupied. Whether you plan a weekend getaway at a local beach or a cross-country road trip, traveling and relaxing is something you can look forward to during your drug and alcohol recovery.

Create Small Rewards

It’s the simple things that get you through the darkest days of drug and alcohol recovery. Although the path to sobriety is difficult, taking some time to relax and enjoy yourself makes it all worthwhile. When you need some motivation to get you through the day, plan out a small reward. Whether you plan to take a bubble bath, order takeout from your favorite restaurant, or buy a soda from the convenience store, small rewards get you through your most difficult moments.

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