Confronting Toxic Denial

Adult & Teen Challenge is proud to announce the release of its second study in the Breaking Free series: PSNL 207 – Confronting Toxic Denial.  This study exposes one of the greatest enemies to overcoming addiction and other life-controlling issues…DENIAL.  Denial blocks freedom, healing, and growth by fooling us into believing we don’t have a problem.  This study helps those affected by denial bravely face the truth about themselves, their world, and most importantly, the power of God to rescue, redeem, and restore.

This study answers important questions like:

  • Why is denial difficult to confront?
  • Why should we care about denial?
  • How do we know if we’re in denial?
  • How can we overcome and stay out of toxic denial?

The goal of this study is to expose the dark nature of toxic denial to the light of truth.  We outline the differences between healthy, helpful, and toxic denial.  This new understanding allows us to identify how denial has, or is, affecting us.  It also exposes common symptoms of toxic denial in our own lives.

Toxic denial keeps us in the dark, ignoring the painful realities of life and avoiding our responsibilities. The only way to overcome this darkness is to expose it to the light (God’s truth) and to open our eyes (through God’s power).  We could talk about addiction or denial all day and it wouldn’t change a thing.  Deep, lasting change is the result of God’s Spirit working in our hearts and minds.  He empowers us to hear, see, understand, and act on the truth. 

This study is all about truth and honesty.  It challenges us all to become unwavering seekers of truth.  Our hope is that, as readers complete this study, they are inspired by God’s Word and empowered by His Spirit to find freedom from life-controlling issues.

The question is:  Will you flip the switch with us, turning on the light of self-examination?  Will you face the truth, no matter the cost?  It will take bravery, courage, humility, and strength.  But if this sounds too difficult, remember that the first step only requires us to…OPEN OUR EYES.

Confronting Toxic Denial

This study is available for purchase today on the Adult & Teen Challenge USA website. Just click the button below to visit our online store! 

Student Feedback

“This study helped me realize that I actually suffered from chronic denial. I truly believed that my behavior was justified and blamed everyone else when in fact this should have been an inside job with just me and Jesus years ago. This study helped me begin a journey to allow God to remove the scales of denial from my eyes.”

“This study reinforced that Jesus really is the way, the truth, and the life. Satan uses denial in our lives as a very successful tactic to keep us from God but freedom is in the truth.”

“It is a good study that even people who don’t grapple with denial can learn from, especially when sharing with others who are in the midst of it.”

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