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Adult & Teen Challenge Northeastern Wisconsin – Green Bay, WI Store in Green Bay

Program info for Adult & Teen Challenge Northeastern Wisconsin – Green Bay, WI Store in Green Bay

Adult & Teen Challenge Northeastern Wisconsin program was birthed from a few Green Bay locals, who continued to see a significant rise in the drug and alcohol epidemic in their Wisconsin region. Having been exposed to Adult and Teen Challenge, this group felt lead that God was calling them to consolidate a steering committee team in 2018 to launch a men’s program in the city of Green Bay. The group established its 501c3 in the fall of 2019 and received a blessing from TCUSA to move forward spring of 2020. In the fall of 2020, the group hired an Executive Director, Vaushawn Johnson, with years of experience working with MN Adult and Teen Challenge to help move their efforts forward. Northeastern Wisconsin hopes to launch and open its 18+ men’s program sometime in 2022.
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1460 Shawano Ave
Green Bay, WI 54303


Phone: 920-930-2444
Email: info@atcnew.com
Website: https://atcnew.com

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What to Expect

ATC is a network of independent centers. This means that every program location will run a little differently. However, there are some core aspects to our program that you'll find no matter where you go. 


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Next Steps

1. Locate the center that works best for you and your circumstances.

  • Consider a Teen Challenge program that is located away from home. A fresh start in a new environment can help eliminate old patterns of behavior, as well as make it harder to give up when the adjustments to sobriety become difficult.
  • Consider several program centers to determine which one is a best “fit” for your circumstances and needs.

2. Make the call! Contact a center’s intake staff to start your road to recovery.

  • Ask about entry procedures and requirements.
  • Ask about program costs, daily activities, and after-care as these may vary from program to program.
  • Although many potential students do not initiate contact with potential programs, during the admissions process, most programs will want to speak directly with the applicant.
  • Please understand that it is your responsibility to provide transportation to and from Adult & Teen Challenge.

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