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  • Addiction

What is Addiction? Why It’s Okay to Ask

When we say “addiction,” most people would presume to know what that means. After all, they have probably learned about the term in school, they have probably seen commercials about it, or they have probably known someone who suffered from it. But that person could never be you, could it?
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  • Recovery

What Are The Stages of Addiction Recovery?

Like many other processes, addiction recovery moves through an observable trend. Some sources have different takes on how many steps are in the process of addiction recovery, and some have different names, but the most commonly cited one is the transtheoretical model of change.
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  • Recovery

Why Faith-Based Recovery Lasts

We are confident that a relationship with Christ can transform those who suffer from addiction in ways they could never have imagined. We base our recovery program on the Word of God. We believe that to have lasting success when recovering from addiction it is important to create a passion that fills the void that drugs used to fill for the addicted.
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  • Parents & Families

How to Stop Enabling

Part of what makes family special is facing what the world throws at you with the love and support of those who care about you. Hardship is much easier to handle when you have loved ones who have your back. Unfortunately, one of addiction’s most nefarious aspects is how that love and protection can be twisted into unhealthy addiction-enabling behavior.
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  • Aftercare

Restarting Your Career After Addiction

Finding employment in the current job market is a difficult task for everyone. If you have a history of substance abuse finding employment is even more difficult. Gaps in employment, possible negative references from previous employers, and criminal records all can make finding a job after addiction recovery seem a daunting task.
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