To my only Son Guy Giordano

Thank you for that last hug you gave me. I don’t know if you meant to say goodbye, but your body left this earth at only 28 years old. But your loving, kind, compassionate spirit left a beautiful and brave daughter, a host of joyful but also sad friends, a heartbroken Mother and Sister and yes me, your grieving Father who is sobbing and weeping uncontrollably at this very moment. Yet somehow gratefully thankful for the precious time we had as Father and Son and that last hug and the laughter that only you could ever get me to have, the meals that only you could share with me that were always the best that there ever was and you insisted I had to taste it! But most of all that after that intense and loving powerful hug; that the only one your sinful, wretched Father had to turn to was Jesus and somehow the Holy Spirt came in and has been showing me a different way to walk, the walk in the Spirit. I pray to continue that daily joyful, yet sometimes painful, walk in your loving memory and on the souls of my Grandmother, Mother, Father, Brother and my whole family. Amen

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