Thirty Days in Colossae: A Devotional Commentary on Paul's Letter to the Colossians

by Gary Blackard

This devotional commentary is written to stir up a love for the scripture. The book of Colossians is filled with powerful teaching and practical application for life. This short letter from the Apostle Paul reaches into the depths of the heart while also challenging our minds. We take a daily journey through its four chapters reading and praying through this letter while also asking questions to spur thinking on how to apply to our lives. Each day has scripture reading, a commentary on the passage, and questions for reflection.

Companion Videos

1. Background on Paul

Who is the Apostle Paul? This video gives you a broad overview into the life of the Apostle Paul and his influence on the Colossian church.

2. Background on Colossae

Professor and Theologian Dr. Wave Nunnally takes you on a brief journey through the history of the city of Colossae.

3. Overview of Colossians

Dr. Wave Nunnally shares this teaching on the themes and messages of the book of Colossians, giving an outline of its contents and framework of its theology.

4. Colossians Chapter One

Read the first chapter of Colossians. ATC president and CEO, Gary Blackard, shares some of the initial learning from the first few verses of the chapter and letter.

5. Colossians Chapter Two

Read the second chapter of Colossians. U.S. Missions Executive Director Malcolm Burleigh shares from his heart on key themes from the second chapter.

6. Colossians Chapter Three

Read the third chapter of Colossians. AG General Secretary Donna Barrett shares her insights and gleanings from this chapter of the letter from Paul.

7. Colossians Chapter Four

Read the fourth chapter of Colossians. ATC president and CEO, Gary Blackard, gives his thoughts on the closing chapter of the letter to the Colossian church.