An Amazing Journey

My cousin was treated here (although technically she could be my daughter). Bridget lived with me when she came out of treatment from another program and was clean from heroin for a couple of years. However, she did drink often; telling me that that was not her poison. And never going to meetings. So it did not take her long to spiral out of control. She often would tell me in our many arguments that going to meetings were not for her. I would tell her she needs to make a connection, find an outlet – something to resonate with. Well she spiraled and that is how she landed on the doorstep of Teen Challenge Road Island. And thank the heavens above that she did because she would not be with us today had she not.

Since Bridget has been in the program, she is a new person. She has made a connection with God and a connection with herself. It is wonderful to see how healthy and happy she is. The change has followed through in all aspects of her life. And she continues to grow and connect with her family and her children. She is doing an internship with Teen Challenge and just continues to grow. This program is amazing – it teaches women about self-worth and how to love the person they are. All with the power of God’s words. This program has given Bridget her life back and for that I am truly thankful. I cannot wait the read the next chapter in Bridget’s life.

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