Spotting Signs of Relapse After Addiction Recovery (Part 2)

In the first installment of this blog series on relapse, we discussed the first few behavioral signs that someone might fall back into drug use after addiction recovery. In this second installment, we continue to look at behaviors you can look out for that indicate someone will drift toward substance abuse again. It is crucial to keep in mind while thinking of relapse that an addict never leaves addiction recovery. They leave a recovery program, but the struggle for sobriety often lasts much longer than the day they step out the doors of their drug and alcohol recovery program.

Behavioral Signs That Precede Relapse

Drug addiction alters our minds and our behaviors. Addiction recovery programs try to replace the behaviors substance abusers have developed around their addiction with positive behaviors. When a recovered addict begins to fall back into old behaviors, then a relapse into drug abuse may be imminent.

They Become Defensive

This can be a difficult one to spot because often recovering addicts find themselves in a world or group of people who don’t understand or empathize. If you approach a friend who seems to be sliding into a relapse, you should try to discuss things in a loving way. Do not try to shame them or get angry. If they get defensive even after you approach them in a kind and understanding manner, then they might be at risk of relapsing into drug abuse.

They Lose Interest in Hobbies

Many people take up hobbies after addiction recovery. This helps them focus on something positive and keeps them busy. If you find a friend losing interest in hobbies he or she once loved, you need to be wary of a relapse. This could signify a lack of focus that could eventually lead them back into substance abuse.

They Distance Themselves from Friends

Forming a strong community of friends after addiction recovery allows the recovering substance abuser to get support from sober friends and take joy in things other than drugs. If they start slipping away or distancing themselves from these friends, they might be moving toward drug use again instead.

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