Resources for Pastors

Addiction destroys families. Addiction destroys lives.

As a pastor, you face many challenges. We know your job can be difficult, and unfortunately, attending church does not always prevent people from becoming addicted. Our goal is to help you by providing Christ-centered resources for your congregants who are struggling with addictions and other life-controlling issues.

In 2017, a study by the Pew Research Center found that nearly half of all Americans have a family member or close friend with an addiction. Witnessing a loved one battle substance use disorder can be distressing and burdensome.

As a pastor, you will almost certainly encounter either persons with addiction or their loved ones. We want you to be equipped as you confront these daunting situations. Click here to request a free sample of our curriculum.

Adult & Teen Challenge provides comprehensive resources for addiction recovery, including the following:

Residential Recovery Programs

Long-term residential recovery at over 200 centers across the US and Canada

Short-Term Recovery Programs

Short-term residential recovery at 20 centers in the US and Canada

Recovery Small Groups

Training and support for church and community-based addiction recovery small groups

Addiction Recovery Blog

Informative blogs about addiction and addiction recovery

Addiction Education Curriculum

Breaking Free – curriculum for people struggling with addiction

Online Course for Families

Understanding Addiction in the Family Context – an online class for families of people struggling with addiction

Dynamics of People Helping

Dynamics of People Helping – an online class to equip and educate those desiring to care for and support hurting people

These materials were designed to provide the best opportunity for recovery and a drug-free life. Adult & Teen Challenge wants to give you the tools to help your church members and their families and friends.