Code of Ethics

While Adult & Teen Challenge is not a regulatory enforcement agency, it desires that its business members conduct their affairs in manners that are safe, lawful, and God-honoring. In that regard, Adult & Teen Challenge asks its strategic partners to abide by the following standards:

  • We agree to treat every individual who comes to us for assistance with the utmost dignity and respect.
  • We agree to exercise the highest level of integrity and transparency in all of our financial dealings with Adult & Teen Challenge affiliates.
  • We agree to adhere to the regulations Adult & Teen Challenge puts forth regarding use of Adult & Teen Challenge affiliate contact information.
  • We agree to provide everything promised in our advertising.
  • We agree to adhere to all local, state/provincial, and federal codes and laws that apply to our organization.
  • We agree to show respect toward (and collaborate with when appropriate) other organizations that are competitors and not seek to “steal” customers through unethical or questionable measures. 
  • We agree to resolve conflicts using the principles of Peacemaker Ministries.