Non-Residential Recovery Programs

The 90/40 problem

Over 20 million people struggle with addictions in America.

90% of individuals who struggle with life controlling issues will not, or cannot, enter into a residential program. There are many reasons for this decision, but primarily it’s because of the length of stay.

The #1 barrier to treatment is that 40% of people are “Not Ready”. It is a common belief that if they are not ready then there is nothing that can be done. In the first two stages of change there is precontemplation and contemplation – this is where the “Not Ready” individuals fall into. We want to move them through those stages to determination, action, and then maintenance.

The Solution is Accessibility!

We begin by establishing weekly community support groups, either in person or virtually. We also initiate outreach programs where trained response teams will serve, love, educate, & equip those who are “Not Ready” within the community. The goal is to hopefully move them from “Not Ready”, to considering, then to accepting an invitation to attend a group. When attending the group, they now have a community and resources to help in the process of their recovery.

Ready Now Recovery

Ready Now Recovery is dedicated to providing the right tools for everyone involved in the recovery process, from individuals struggling with addiction to counselors, leaders, and organizations serving their communities. Ready Now Recovery is an international faith-based organization building communities for recovery, all around the world.

How can you help?

You can volunteer to be a facilitator or trainer. Just follow the process outlined below. 

Fill out a short interest form to begin a conversation with the Ready Now Recovery team.

Submit a volunteer application online.

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Undergo a background check. Note: there is a non-refundable $50 fee to process the background check.

Fill out a Waiver of Compensation or Form W-9 online.

After your application is approved, you’ll begin your 45 day online training – a blend of online courses and live group training. 

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After completing all required training, you will receive certification to begin facilitating your own groups.

Ready Now Recovery Team

Jimmy and Yvonne Oakes are experienced ATC staff members and certified small group facilitators/trainers. They joined the ATCHQ office with a vision to expand the reach to those with life controlling issues. The Oakes are currently serving as Assemblies of God U.S. Missionaries.