Non-Residential Recovery Programs

The 90/40 problem

Over 20 million people struggle with addictions in America.

90% of individuals who struggle with life controlling issues will not, or cannot, enter into a residential program. There are many reasons for this decision, but primarily it’s because of the length of stay.

The #1 barrier to treatment is that 40% of people are “Not Ready”. It is a common belief that if they are not ready then there is nothing that can be done. In the first two stages of change there is precontemplation and contemplation – this is where the “Not Ready” individuals fall into. We want to move them through those stages to determination, action, and then maintenance.

About Ready Now Recovery

Imagine that every time you pick up your phone, the person on the other end desperately needs your help to be set free from addiction.

While you sometimes receive over 200 of these calls every month, you know that less than ten percent of the callers will actually be able to enter a residential program and get the assistance they need. Now imagine receiving a call from a high school principal who tells you that he just expelled 36 students after a drug raid, and he is frantic for help. Again, you know that only a small fraction of these adolescents will be able to receive any aid because they live in a small, rural community with no resources to address substance abuse.

These are just a few stories of the over 20 million Americans struggling with addiction. Sadly, statistics show that 40 percent of these individuals are not ready to engage in recovery. As a Christ-centered ministry, we believe that our mandate is found in Luke 14:23: to be ready to “go into the highways and the hedges and compel them to come in.” Partnering with Adult & Teen Challenge, Ready Now Recovery is committed to creating an outreach component designed to strategically engage the “not ready.” Our goal is that every person impacted by addictions and other life-controlling issues would have access to recovery through Jesus Christ.

We began developing Ready Now Recovery in August 2020, and by the grace of God, we officially launched the program in June 2021. Guided by our core values of transformation, accountability, community, and outreach, we are utilizing innovative and diverse methods to accomplish a broader impact, making recovery resources available in both rural communities and inner cities.

Ready Now Recovery Team

Jimmy and Yvonne Oakes are experienced ATC staff members and certified small group facilitators/trainers. They joined the ATCHQ office with a vision to expand the reach to those with life controlling issues. The Oakes are currently serving as Assemblies of God U.S. Missionaries.