What Life Looks Like After Recovery From Addiction

Recovery from addiction does not stop after leaving a recovery program like the ones from Adult & Teen Challenge USA. Beginning your new journey of sobriety in your regular life may have you a bit nervous. However, with the skills and teachings that you receive through the our program, you will be able to have a successful life after recovery from addiction.

Find a Support System

One of the most important things you can do as you continue your recovery from addiction is to find a good support system to keep you accountable and help you continue your sobriety. We offer a number of programs that are designed for people who have completed the residential recovery program and need a bit of support as they go through life outside of the program. A solid support system will connect you with people who have had similar experiences, giving you an outlet to discuss any struggles or triumphs that you experience throughout the week. A weekly group or other type of meeting can also help you feel connected and create a community that is beneficial for all of its members. Be open with your struggles to receive the support and guidance you need from your support system.

Practice What You Learned

In a perfect world, recovery from addiction would not have any challenges or difficulties after finishing your recovery program. Unfortunately, the world is full of temptations and stresses that will try to pull you back into your addictions. This is when the skills you learned through the Adult & Teen Challenge come into play. It is important to use what you have been taught to continue your recovery from addiction.

Continue Your Relationship with God

In all of the programs, our focus is on helping our students discover the love of God and develop a relationship with Jesus Christ. Once finishing our recovery programs, it is important to continue your relationship with God and keep growing your faith. Get connected with other Christians and find ways to strengthen your relationship with Jesus.

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Recovery: Our Process

At Adult & Teen Challenge, we have been guiding students through addiction recovery for over 60 years. We offer a Christ-centered approach, helping our students discover and triumph over the underlying causes of their addiction and find the love and grace of Jesus Christ.

If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, contact us today.