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Junior Staff – Job Description

The primary responsibility of the Junior Staff member is to support the coordinator(s) under
which they are serving.

Required Qualifications:
● He shall be a person of spiritual maturity, amiable to the Assemblies of God
doctrine, and in full agreement with the Adult & Teen Challenge of Texas mission
statement and goals.
● He shall have a current understanding and working knowledge of addictive
problems and their deleterious effects. He shall have knowledge of the various
treatment approaches and the reality that the only permanent cure is in Jesus
Christ. He shall be empathetic to those with life controlling problems.
● GED or high school equivalent
● Complete the Effective Biblical Counseling course or an equivalent course.
● Ideally credentialed as a minister or pursuing credentials in the AG or doctrinally
similar fellowship
● If the employee will be teaching, he must complete the P.S.N.C. certification
Preferred Qualifications
● If a Teen Challenge Graduate, he must have completed an internship at ATCOT
● Strong organizational skills / must be able to multitask
● Ability to work independently and as part of a team
● Ability to manage projects independently with minimal direct supervision
● The Junior Staff Member is directly responsible to the head of the department in
which they report.
He will primarily serve as a minister to students in the ATCOT program.
His responsibilities include but not be limited to:
● Conduct Bible studies.
● Lead prayer.
● Disciple students.
● Conduct evangelistic outreach.
● Engage in religious instruction.
Last Revised 07/18/16 2
● Lead Drug Awareness Teams & Choirs as directed by supervisor.
● Lead Work Jobs as directed by supervisor.
● Become an advisor to those students assigned to them according to Advisor Guidelines.
● Participate in discipline and in dealing with student conflicts as necessary.
● Update as necessary.
● Participate in campus events and chapels as required.
● All other duties as assigned by supervisor.

  • Center Type : Men (18+)
  • Center Name : Adult & Teen Challenge of Texas - San Antonio
  • Contact Name : Austin Baughman

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