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 Intern / Posted 2 weeks ago

The paid intern positions at Teen Challenge Women’s Ministries’ (TCWM) centers are available to those individuals who graduated from Teen Challenge or a similar program. This individual is motivated, passionate and ready to answer God’s calling in their lives to reach out to the lost and broken. This individual would be able to work in many exciting areas of TCWM including Thrift Stores, Wood Shop/Craft Department, Fundraising/Marketing Department, Choir Ministry, and Back2Life Ministry. This individual will learn job skills and have room for growth and advancement opportunities within the organization. This individual is able to lead work crews, oversee students, and mentor students through example and encouragement. This individual will have a current understanding and working knowledge of addictive problems and their effects as well as a knowledge of the various treatment approaches and the reality that the only cure is in Jesus Christ. This person will need to follow the daily responsibilities laid out by TCWM management and adhere to TCWM code of ethics. Interested individuals should email their resume and interest/cover letter to


  • Center Type : Women (18+)
  • Center Name : Teen Challenge Women's Ministries
  • Contact Name : Roxanne McFadden

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