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 Intern / Posted 4 weeks ago

12 Month Internship at Missoula Women’s Center

Becoming a Student Intern with Pacific Northwest Adult & Teen Challenge is a new season of
growth; filled with challenges and hardships, but the rewards outweigh the efforts. It’s important
to remember that you are still a student; you are serving, growing, and learning.
The Teen Challenge Ministry Institute is made up of two distinct parts; the first is the online
academic portion. The second is the hands-on training portion. The details will be expanded
throughout this handbook. As a student intern, you will answer to campus leadership and the
TCMI Coordinator. Your campus leadership works closely with the TCMI Coordinator to
ensure your success as a student intern. There are two avenues of internship: Campus Internship
and Thrift Store Internship. This must be determined within the application process.

  • Center Type : Women (18+)
  • Center Name : Missoula Women's Center
  • Contact Name : Cheryl Lauridson

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