Addicts Will Use These Excuses to Avoid Addiction Recovery

Almost no addict wants to attend an addiction recovery program. Substance abuse transforms people in such a way that sometimes they can only think of getting high again. When you catch them in this mood, they will do anything they can to explain why they can’t go into an addiction recovery program. We have seen and heard all the excuses. We go over the most common ones here, with some explanation, so you know exactly how to spot them for what they are.

“I can quit anytime I want to”

This lie is probably the most common one you will hear from an alcoholic or substance abuser. What makes this excuse so potent is the fact that the substance abuser believes it in his or her heart. They truly believe they can put down the bottle or the needle at any time, but they want to enjoy themselves just a little bit longer. They don’t see it as an excuse but a valid reason to not go to an addiction recovery program.

“My problem isn’t as bad as so-and-so’s”

When someone abuses substances, they will see all different kinds of people in far worse situations than their own. They will use this to try to tell you that you don’t understand how much worse they could be. They will try to tell you that you just don’t understand and that they are actually doing pretty well for themselves. Even if you probably don’t realize how much worse it could be for them, this doesn’t weaken the argument that they should go to drug and alcohol addiction recovery. It will save them from eventually becoming that person they say is so much more worse off than they are.

“I’ll just relapse anyway”

Statistically speaking, every addict has a sadly high chance of relapsing into drug use. This happens to between 40% and 60% of all addicts, but relapse doesn’t mean the end. Many people relapse once and come back even stronger. If they keep strong, sober connections after their recovery from addiction, they can get help again. Often times a different approach works more effectively.

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