Breaking Free

The Breaking Free curriculum series covers the topic of addiction through a biblical worldview. Despite the name, our Personal Studies for New Life in Christ are also highly effective in group settings. You can use them in Sunday Schools, Youth Groups, or Small Groups.

107: Exposing the Nature of Addiction

Outlines the spiritual, physical, mental, emotional, and social effects of addiction through a Biblical perspective.  This study will create a deep motivation for change and steadfast commitments to break free from addiction.  

207: Confronting Toxic Denial

Encourages students to confront toxic denial by taking responsibility and becoming aware of blind-spots, vulnerabilities, or wounds. This study also explores how these vulnerabilities have affected our past and current mindsets/choices, and encourages us to find healing as we open our eyes to the truth with God’s filter of grace and forgiveness.  

307: Understanding Grief & Addiction 

Establishes the link between grief and addictive mindsets/behaviors. It exposes the grief points that need to be addressed and encourages the us to connect with mentors, Christian counselors, grief groups, or pastors to help us walk through difficult emotions with God.  

407: Ending the Addictive Cycle

Deals with important topics like the addictive cycle, freedom in Christ, triggers/temptations, replacement skills, and toxic core beliefs. It teaches how to walk the tightrope between “alert and sober-minded” regarding the addictive cycle and focusing on the hope, new purpose, and replacement/coping skills found in Scripture. 

507: Building a New Legacy

Addresses the social effects of addiction (addictive family roles / cycles). Establishes the importance of repentance and forgiveness, making amends, Christian service, and restoring relationships by building healthy community. This study helps us catch God’s vision for building a new healthy legacy, as we continue to submit to His plans and purposes.

607: Establishing a New Normal

Addresses the difficult challenges of re-entry, culture shock, and handling failure in a healthy way.  Challenges us to create robust re-entry plans that includes our new mission statement, long-term and short-term goals, a daily schedule, healthy habits and coping skills, community commitments, as well as a personal and family safety plan.  

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Breaking Free Facilitator Training: Online Course

This course will provide an overview of all six of the Breaking Free studies, as well as tips for facilitators on how to follow-up with individual students or small groups. This course is designed to be utilized in conjunction with the Facilitator Manual & Answer key and all six Breaking Free studies.