Breaking Free

The Breaking Free track covers the topic of addiction through a biblical worldview.

In Exposing the Nature of Addiction, we expose how addiction works and how it affects every area of our lives. By exposing it, we begin to strip addiction of its power. We then contrast the chaos of addiction with the blessings, peace, and freedom made available to us through Christ.

In Confronting Denial, we face one of the greatest enemies to our freedom…DENIAL. Denial blocks us from healing and growth by convincing us that we don’t have a problem. This study will help those affected by addiction or other life-controlling issues to confront denial and bravely face the truth. It will also challenge us all to embrace self-denial over self-deception by taking up our cross and following Christ.

In Grief & Addiction, we address how addictive behaviors are often the “fire” that’s started to distract from grief and pain, and how addiction is also a breeding ground for ongoing grief. Learning to mourn and heal by surrendering our grief to God allows us to move forward in a healthy way. This study challenges us to confront our own grief points and to turn to the Lord for healing, strength, and courage. For it is only through Him that we can find our peace, our hope, and our joy!

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Notes for Facilitators

Videos coming soon.

In the videos below, author Wendy Buttacy share some helpful tips and deeper insights for facilitators who teach this curriculum track. We highly encourage you to watch all the videos before you begin teaching the materials.

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