PSNL 207: Confronting Denial


PSNL 207: Confronting Denial is the second study in the Breaking Free series.   In this study, we face one of the greatest enemies to our freedom…DENIAL.  Denial blocks us from healing and growth by convincing us that we don’t have a problem.  This study will help those affected by addiction or other life-controlling issues confront denial and bravely face the truth.

We will answer questions like: Why is denial difficult to confront?  Why should we care about denial?  How do we know if we’re in denial?  And how do we overcome and stay out of toxic denial?

This study challenges us to embrace self-denial over self-deception by taking up our cross and following Christ.  As we learn to root our identity in Jesus, we are empowered to face the difficult realities of life with strength, wisdom, and courage.


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