PSNL 305F: Eyes Wide Open (for women)


This study teaches us how our sexual actions are affected by our mental, emotional, and spiritual systems.  We will ask difficult questions, questions like: “What do my sexual actions reveal about who I am?” “Do I value myself?” “How do I utilize my femininity?” & “Do I think I am worth protecting?”  We will compare two Biblical characters in each chapter.  One story will represent someone acting within God’s design for their sexuality.  The other story will show what sexual actions look like when they are mispurposed. Through these stories, we will learn to discern positive versus negative sexual choices. We will also address the hard truth that (sometimes) people make all the right choices and still get harmed by others sexually. Rape, prostitution, incest, adultery, and murderous cover-ups are all laid out within Scripture. God does not cover-up or ignore sexual sin. He is a righteous judge, but He also offers grace and forgiveness. He loves us with…EYES WIDE OPEN.

Check out our Notes for Facilitators video series for more resources and insights into teaching this study.


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