PSNL 305: Eyes Wide Open


This study reveals how our mental, emotional, and spiritual health affects our sexual choices. We will ask difficult questions like: “What do my sexual actions reveal about who I am and how I value myself and others?  We will compare two Biblical characters within each chapter.  One character represents how to act within God’s design for sexuality.  The other exposes the damage that can occur when sexual actions are mispurposed (outside of God’s design). Through these stories, we will learn to identify healthy versus harmful sexual choices. We will also address some hard realities. Rape, prostitution, incest, adultery, and murderous cover-ups are all laid out within Scripture. The Bible does not shy away from these difficult topics so neither will we. As we address these topics, we will discover an even deeper reality: God sees it all and loves us with…EYES WIDE OPEN.

Check out our Notes for Facilitators video series for more resources and insights into teaching this study.



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