PSNL 607: Establishing a New Normal


PSNL 607: Establishing a New Normal is the last study in the Breaking Free series. This study helps us take the knowledge, skills, and spiritual disciplines we’ve learned throughout this series and apply them in the real world.  Our goal is to establish a new definition of normal as we setup healthy boundaries and safeguards that keep us on the right path.  We’ll also tackle the difficult challenges of re-entry, culture shock, and handling failure, as we prepare to re-enter our day-to-day lives (whether from residential or out-patient settings).

In this study, we’ll shift our focus from the process of breaking free to the reality of living free.  Stepping into a new normal isn’t easy. The study will help to answer questions like;

What’s normal? How will I be tested? How can I prepare for re-entry? What if I mess up? What if I can’t do this on my own?

This study will help us create workable re-entry plans. Plans that will keep us focused on living free in Jesus and establishing a new normal in Christ.

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