PSNL 407: Ending the Addictive Cycle


PSNL 407: Ending the Addictive Cycle is the fourth study in the Breaking Free series, and it answers the question: Is it possible to end the addictive cycle?   The addictive cycle and its triggers and temptations are very real.  We must be self-aware, educated, and equipped by God to escape the compulsive behaviors, thoughts, and feelings of despair and hopelessness that it creates.  But there is HOPE! In this study, we will learn that putting an end to the addictive cycle is possible as we put our faith into action and continue to invest in an ongoing relationship with the one who makes freedom possible for us all—Jesus.

We will answer questions like: How does the addictive cycle work? How do we end the addictive cycle? And how do we handle triggers and temptations? How do we walk in freedom and stay on the right path?

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