PSNL Facilitator Certification

PSNL Facilitator Certification is now an online-only course. 

PSNL (Personal Studies for New Life in Christ) is the system, process and curriculum for individualized discipleship that is implemented in Adult & Teen Challenge ministries. PSNL Facilitator Certification is required training to implement the PSNL in your ministry. This course prepares teachers for effective implementation of the PSNL curriculum, structure and process. This maximizes the potential of personalized discipleship in having a life-changing impact in the lives of your students.

The PSNL Certification Curriculum Bundle (Classic) Part 1 and the PSNL Certification Curriculum Bundle (New Materials) Part 2 both include required reading for the online PSNL Teacher Certification Course. See full list of required materials here.

PSNL Facilitator Certification Online Course
PSNL Facilitator Certification Online Renewal 


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