Prayer Request: Edward

I am a 1989 graduate of Teen Challenge. I presently know a family who has a 24 year old son who is struggling with heroin addiction, cocaine addiction, and pills. I have told the family about Teen Challenge and they have done research online in regards to the program. I am asking if you would please pray for this young man. His name is Austin. Please lift his name up in your prayers and ask that the Lord makes himself real to him. He has already overdosed twice and was pronounced dead one of those two times but was brought back to life. That tells me that the Lord has a mission for him. He has work for him to do. I am begging you please lift Austin’s name up in prayer and ask that he sees the light and accepts the Teen Challenge program and decides to enter the program. Thank you so very much and God bless all of you for the wonderful work that you do for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.