Prayer Request: A burdened mother

My child had been out of the home for several years, addicted to drugs, so far awa from the life style she was raised in. She moved back home and on 1/11/21 walked through the house and walked out to go to church with a friend. She got saved that night! There was a change in her, but since she doesn’t want to go to church, she doesn’t want to be with church friends, she only wants to be with the same people she was with when her life was full of drugs a and sorrow. I am trying to help her but I’m falling flat on my face. All I know how to do is while flat on my face pray for her. She needs a hunger for God and the redemption of Jesus Christ and the presence of the Holy Ghost in her life!!! I’m full of fear she will end up worse than she was before. I KNOW the devil is a liar and I know my God, my savior and the precious Holy Ghost are able to deliver her 100% Please pray for us all. My husband, her daddy is not saved. I got saved 23 years ago but he has not yet. We need a miracle. I have one other daughter she is at a loss with trying to help her sister. My other daughter got saved 2 years ago on Mother’s Day. Her husband is not saved. I will not stop praying until my whole house is in love with Jesus and the word of God.