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Vocational Coordinator

 Full-Time / Posted 3 weeks ago

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Position: Vocational Training Coordinator at our Missoula Women’s Campus – working closely with our Missoula Thrift Store

Salary RangeDepending on Experience

Vacation: floating holidays, sick time, and vacation time included (for use after completion of probationary period)

Position Description:

The Mission Statement of Teen Challenge PNW includes the following statement: “Teen Challenge shall endeavor in its efforts to help people by enriching their lives with actual ‘vocational training’ to enable them to become profitable members of their community.” The Vocational Training Coordinator provides the oversight; organization and training necessary to fulfill the goals of the “Vocational Training/Work Experience” agreement (form 149). The goal of Teen Challenge PNW is to help each student develop a resume and certifications that enables them to successfully pursue future employment opportunities.

General Statement of Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Overall planning, development, implementation and administration of the Vocational Training Program
  • Responsibility for the purchasing, inventorying, maintenance, repair, storage and management of required items utilized in conjunction with the Vocational Training Program
  • Responsibility for representing the program before the public in providing students from Teen Challenge PNW to accomplish requested work related projects outside the center.
  • Working with Teen Challenge PNW staff in balancing Vocational Training with other program components.
  • Supporting other Teen Challenge PNW staff as needed.

Supervision Received:

The Vocational Training Coordinator works under the direct supervision of the Program Coordinator, who helps determine goals, assigns work and reviews performance for overall effectiveness through reports, observation and conferences. Employee shall exercise a high degree of independent decision and judgment in relation to scope of duties and responsibilities.

Supervision Exercised:

Exercises full supervision of the Vocational Training component in designated areas of responsibility.

Examples of Principle Duties: (Examples do not cover all duties that will be performed).

1. A thorough working knowledge of all program policies and procedures relative to assigned scope of duties and responsibilities included in the “Staff Policies and Procedures Manual”, “Crisis Manual”, “Student Manual”, Safety Manual and TC Vocational Manuals.

2. Possess good standards of personal hygiene and a clean neat appearance including prescribed standards for hair and dress.

3. Teach and communicate the value of the vocational training component of the program. This begins with the Student Orientation Phase.

4. Act as primary liaison between Thrift Store Manager and Center Program regarding student participation, orientation, performance, and discipline issues.

5. Act as primary liaison for outside contacts with persons requesting students from the Teen Challenge program to provide labor for specific work related tasks outside and away from the facility.

6. Plans, assigns, reviews and coordinates the student Vocational Training program.

7. Helps with the development of student resumes, certifications and exit strategies for students and Student Interns.

8. Coordinates with the Educational Coordinator concerning the progress of a student and their educational component progress.

9. Assembles data and prepares regular and periodic reports pertaining to the work and overall effectiveness of the Vocational Training program.

10. Responsible for inventory, maintenance, repair, purchasing and storage of tools, equipment, fuel, lubricants and job materials and supplies.

11. Arranges for and provides transportation and meals to students involved with job tasks outside and away from the facility.

12. Preparation of job task performance evaluations for each student.

13. Promotes job safety among the students by instructing students in the proper use of tools and powered equipment including proper methods of lifting and working in a safe environment.

14. Other related work as required.

Recruiting Requirements – Knowledge, Skills and Ability:

  • Ability to assess student skills and work experience levels.
  • A working knowledge of the methods and practices of delegation, supervision and the ability to carry them out.
  • A working knowledge of administrative procedures and the ability to apply those principles.
  • A working knowledge of tools, equipment, lubricants, fuels, program job materials and supplies;
  • A working knowledge of tool and equipment maintenance and repair and the ability to apply that knowledge.
  • A working knowledge of administrative record keeping procedures and accounting principles and practices.
  • Considerable ability to work harmoniously with other staff personnel and supervise the work of other Teen Challenge PNW staff.
  • The ability to communicate effectively in both oral and written form.
  • Possession of emotional maturity, professional objectivity and the ability to act in a Christian manner.
  • The ability to carry out recommendations and directives of the Center Executive Director or designee.

Qualifications Experience and Training:

  • Individuals must have a High School Diploma or GED certificate.
  • It is preferred that the work experience coordinator have life experience in oversight of individuals where managing and scheduling skills have been developed.

Special Requirements:

1. Possession of, or ability to obtain within 30 days, a valid drivers license

  • Center Type : Women (18+)
  • Center Name : Missoula Women's Campus
  • Contact Name : Cheryl Lauridson

Center Information

3815 South 7th Street West Missoula, MT 59804Montana,59804 Show Phone Number *****

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