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Toddler Teacher

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A unique opportunity exists at San Antonio Women’s Campus to serve in our new First Steps Montessori Learning Center.
The center is located in a beautiful, renovated building close to the campus entrance and has programs for children ages 3 months to 6 years.
We are a welcoming Christian Montessori Learning Center that educates and nurtures the whole child and family with love and respect.
• If you love children,
• If you want an environment that helps children develop foundational skills that they will carry on and build upon for the rest of their lives,
• If your own development is important through ongoing professional development, individualized mentorship and a supportive network of peers,
Whether you are a trained Montessorian with a lifetime of experience or you’ve just discovered it, we want to hear from you!

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Please send resume and cover letter to Jennifer Davey at or call 210 319 1330

Toddler Teacher Job Description
The Montessori teacher directs the children’s academic, social/emotional, and physical development in a prepared Montessori environment according to the FSMLC mission, policies and procedures. The teacher is responsible for the following areas:
• Helps to maintain a classroom that is clean, sanitary, uncluttered, orderly, and aesthetically pleasing.
• Ensures that all the classroom equipment is well maintained and regularly inspected for safety hazards. Ensures that a full complement of Montessori materials is present in the classroom at all times. Materials are to be well made, attractive, in sequence and conceptually correct.
• Is thoroughly versed in the needs and vital information of children in the classroom.
• Submits all required forms in a timely, accurate manner
• Attends all in-service days, staff meetings, parent meetings and required functions
• Assists in keeping an inventory of needed equipment and supplies.
• Maintains a consistent attitude of loyalty and enthusiasm for the center and its policies.
• Understand and support the center’s spiritual mission.
• Inspires confidence and respect from administration, staff and parents.
• Prioritizes tasks and handles them efficiently.
• Effectively handles crisis situations identifying critical issues and solving problems in a positive manner.
Support Staff Relations
• Gets along well with colleagues
• Delegates appropriate tasks to assistant, substitutes and volunteers and oversees their implementation.
• Confronts any inappropriate and negative behavior by adults toward the child in the classroom as soon as possible in a respectful; and forthright manner.
• Works as a team player
Parent Relations
• Knows the families of the children in the class.
• Assists new families to affect a smooth transition into the center.
• Maintains confidentiality about all information, sharing only that which is appropriate with proper authorities.
• Ensures communication of policies and procedures between center and home..
• Effectively communicates with parents, Montessori philosophy, Christian values, curriculum and child development.
• Ensures that parents feel welcome and involved..
• Schedules appropriate conferences and observations with parents.
• Has the ability to handle effectively parental concerns about specific issues , such as child’s progress or incidents at the center.
• Keeps the Director aware and informed of any issues or concerns arising in the classroom or with the parents.
• Makes decisions logically on the basis of information and rationale. Is flexible and open to creative solutions.
• Exhibits tact and patience in dealing with others.

Program Development and Implementation.
• Shows an understanding of Montessori curriculum for the age ranges in the classroom, as well as the developmental needs of each age.
• Encourages and creates meaningful activity in the classroom through a balance of observation, guidance and intervention.
• Effectively implements disciplinary measures, which are consistent with the mission of the center. Is able to direct children respectfully, calmly, gently and firmly. Is consistent and realistic in setting limits.
• Serves as a resource and model for assistant and substitute teachers in teaching techniques, appropriate discipline and curriculum implementation.
• Presents a clean, healthy, professional appearance I accordance with the employee handbook.
• Encourages each child in positive, empathetic and creative ways so that each can reach his/her potential.
• Keeps updated records of children: attendance, observation and progress.
• Writes reports as required and holds conferences with parents.
• Knows all emergency procedures for fire, tornado , accident etc.
• Keeps current professionally through reading, workshops and seminars, conferences and other educational opportunities.
• Moves about while supervising children, reinforcing ground rules and ensuring that children are safe.
• Oversee meal service operation ensuring food is delivered in timely manner and distributed to children
This position requires
• A 2-year college degree. Montessori training preferred.
• Experience working with toddlers.
• A clear record through background checks
• Have the physical capacity to work with children.
• CPR/First Aid certification
• Born again Christian and amenable to the ATCOT statements of faith.
This person is required to take an additional 24 training hours per year as specified by TXDFPS .

Please send resume and cover letter to Jennifer Davey at or call 210 319 1330

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  • Center Name: First Steps Montessori Learning Center
  • Contact Name: Jennifer Davey
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