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 Full-Time / Posted 3 weeks ago

We are interviewing for a Supervisor / Director for a new crisis center. This position needs to be filled immediately.

Adult & Teen Challenge

Faith Home Network

Short Term Men’s Care Center Supervisor



In viewing the following position description it must be understood that this is a general statement regarding the position, its responsibilities and necessary qualifications. It does not attempt to define all responsibilities, nor be inflexible regarding the need for modification, based on the skill level of the person hired.


The Short Term Care Center Supervisor (From here known as STMCCS) is main job responsibility is to;

  1. Work in harmony with the FHTC Admissions Coordinator to oversee the admission process for prospective students entering the STCCS Program.
  2. Function as the Center Supervisor for the STCCS.


The STMCCS is directly accountable to the Program Director.

The Supervisor shall oversee the admissions process as well as the work of all staff members, interns, students and volunteers in the STCC according to the established policies of FHTC.


  1. A seasoned Christian in harmony with the Teen Challenge Mission and Tenets of Faith.
  2. High School Diploma or a GED.
  3. Administrative and computer skills will be needed.
  4. Possessing some prior experience with Teen Challenge or a similar work, is helpful.
  5. Able to teach and counsel.
  6. Able to work with a team, possessing people skills, including a balanced approach to discipline, and strength of character to resolve conflicts and be a peace maker.
  7. Qualifications listed in 1 Timothy 3:1-7.
  8. Baptized in the Spirit.
  9. Active member of their church.


  1. Shall oversee the admission process for the center.
  2. Shall train all personnel answering phones how to properly forward the applicants requests to the appropriate person or program.
  3. Shall train all Advisors, Volunteers and Staff on how to interview applicants for the program and how to orient new students.
  4. Shall help determine which applicants get into the center and shall oversee the timing and the orientation process.
  5. Shall be responsible to oversee the use of all student files and records according to established polices
  6. Shall assist and oversee the progressive discipline of students according to the policies and shall notify the Program Director with the more serious cases and matters which may require a student to be asked to leave.
  7. Shall oversee the transfer process, when students are referred to FHTC Ranch to complete the program.
  8. Shall usually be scheduled to teach on the PSNC or GSNC class rotation and help with other classes as necessary.
  9. Shall be an Advisor for some students as assigned as necessary.
  10. Shall meet individually with each staff member at least every other week.
  11. Shall assist with the staff meetings and policy meetings in the absence of the Program Director
  12. Shall oversee the house meetings for the center.
  13. Shall provide a way for the men in the  center to attend a local church on Sundays.
  14. Shall assist as needed in the maintenance of the center, grounds, vehicles and equipment as requested.
  15. Shall oversee the raising of funds through fund raising events and activities, soliciting support through contacts and relationships with businesses, churches and organizations.
  16. Shall be responsible to help facilitate the acquisition of food, hygiene items and general household necessities.
  17. Shall schedule shifts so that there is sufficient staff and volunteer coverage during operating hours
  18. Shall be actively involved with creating new and sustaining current contacts in the community.
  19. Shall perform other duties as requested.



  1. That all conversations with applicants, family and friends, and the public at large are done in a loving, patient, positive, and professional manner.
  2. That applications for admission are processed in an orderly way and as free of bureaucratic red tape as possible.
  3. That interviews are conducted in a manner that is not only professional, but in a way that communicates love and concern for the person and their family and seeks to lead the unsaved to Christ.
  4. That everyone involved in the process from those handling calls to those helping to do interviews are well trained and are consistent in what they say and do.
  5. That the center/s routines, policies, curriculum, advising are maintained on a consistent basis.
  6. That the order and discipline of the center/s are maintained in a loving manner.
  7. That the unity and spiritual atmospheres of the center/s are positive and conducive for spiritual growth.
  8. That the Word of God is taught in a balanced way and in accordance to the AG Tenants of Faith.
  9. That all activities and enterprises are conducted in a safe, professional and orderly manner.
  • Center Type : Men (18+)
  • Center Name : Faith Home Teen Challenge
  • Contact Name : Boyd Patterson

Center Information

6643 Faith Home Rd. Ceres CA 95307P O Box 611 Turlock CA 95381California,95316  Show Phone Number

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