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Resident Services Coordinator

 Part-Time / Posted 3 weeks ago

*Take phone calls and respond to emails for interested individuals and determine the need for detox, legal tracking, and schedule interviews with the Campus Director.
*Track data in Excel spreadsheet “Inquiries”.
*Interview individuals as needed and review with Campus Director regarding approval for entry.
*Create Civi Application Case for those who have interviewed and document notes and interview information.
*Coordinate arrival timing of new residents with Men’s and Women’s Divisions. Provide contact information if arriving after hours. *Coordinate entry of men/women alternately to be able to use the central dryer.
*Enter new resident information into Civi the day of arrival or ASAP. Create Entry Case for all arrivals to be used for resident case reviews.
*Communicate with Education to confirm arrival information.
*Meet with residents for case reviews/exit interviews and enter information into Civi. For graduates, have them fill out the Graduate Testimony Form and scan and save in Resident Services OneDrive File.
*Provide acceptance letters for those who need approval from the court. (Sample letters are in the Word App on Office 365.)
*Follow up with residents who need to make calls related to legal matters.
*Correspond with parole/probation officers, court clerks, and attorneys to determine any drug testing requirements needed for individuals with court related orders.
*Communicate with Men’s and Women’s Divisions regarding any drug testing requirements.
*Email drug and/or alcohol test results (provided by Men and Women’s Divisions) to PO or court and file results in Resident Services email folder “Monthly Reporting.”
*Send monthly reports to probation and parole agents on resident status and file results in the Resident Services email folder “Monthly Reporting.”
*Provide status letters to attorney(s)/courts for current residents who are reporting for court related matters while in the program.
*Coordinate with the counseling department to confirm counseling status for legal matters.
*Meet with the department via Teams for Wednesday meetings.

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