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PSNL teacher/ administrative coordinator

 Full-Time / Posted 2 months ago

Job Description and Requirements

PSNL Teacher/Administrative Coordinator

  1. Write and oversee contracts. Be available for students during PSNL schedule. Must have or be working towards PSNL certification. Maintain and organize all student files (mentoring logs, legal and drug testing, student phone and visitation authorization forms, etc) both paper and electronic (MyTC).
  2. ELP Rep – please stay in communication with State ELP Rep. Coordinate EL Schedules and train ELS. Make sure they are getting the materials they need. Have regular meetings with them. Make sure to encourage them and give them extra privileges for making our lives easier.
  3. Intake – Communication with all first phase centers and handling the transition from first to second phase. After Intake is scheduled alert other staff/interns.
    1. Information needed from first phase: Student full name, intake date, estimated completion date, 9 hour status, PSNC status, any extra discipline information, legal status, etc.
    2. Get the student placed in an appropriate cabin, chore, laundry day, etc.
    3. Make sure student has items searched and placed in the bed bug heater.
      1. ELECTRONIC PROCEDURE: Roster, MYTC, Cabin Layout, Mentoring, Chores, Laundry
    4. Discharge – all students leaving the program (dismissal, voluntarily, completion, transition, reentry, whatever) need to have discharge reports filled out and submitted on our website.
      1. ELECTRONICE PROCEDURE – Same as Intake! Make sure to update roster!
    5. Drug Testing – make sure drug testing procedures are being followed by staff, interns, and ELs.
      1. Place drug test orders – order all materials through development office..
      2. Make sure cabinet stays stocked.
      3. Make sure all 4 days are getting tested and the documents are being filled out right and mailed off for alcohol testing.
      4. Organize and maintain drug test cabinet
    6. MONTHLY REPORTS – Absolutely essential to send off monthly report the first of every month. If you miss one report we will lose points on accreditation. DO NOT FORGET. I will help remind you!
    7. Phone system – Make sure to cover phones during work hours and to regularly check voicemails.
      1. Deliver messages appropriately and make sure to call back every person that leaves a message.


  • Center Type : Men (18+)
  • Center Name : Mount Grace Teen Challenge
  • Contact Name : Sam Parrott

Center Information

564 Braxton Rd. Dodson, La 71422Louisiana,71422 Show Phone Number *****

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