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Program Coordinator for Adult Women Campus at upcoming beautiful country side property with trees, pond, and pool.

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● She shall be a person of spiritual maturity, amiable to the Assemblies of God doctrine, and in full agreement with the Adult & Teen Challenge of Texas mission statement.
● She should have at least two years relevant leadership Teen Challenge ministry experience.
● She shall have a current understanding and working knowledge of addictive problems and their deleterious effects. She shall have knowledge of the various treatment approaches and the reality that the only cure is in Jesus Christ. She shall be empathetic to those with life controlling problems.
● Complete the Effective Biblical Counseling course, before or after on boarding.
● Ideally credentialed as a minister or pursuing credentials in the AG or doctrinal similar fellowship
● Knowledge of Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word is desirable.
● Complete the OSHA 10 Hour Course, before or after on boarding.
● Must be organized, able to multi-task, and physically able to operate in a fast-paced environment.

She will primarily serve as a minister to students in the ATCOT program.
Her responsibilities include but not be limited to:
● Conduct Bible studies.
● Lead prayer.
● Disciple students.
● Conduct evangelistic outreach.
● Engage in religious instruction.
● Ensure all buildings, vehicles as well as student activities/policies adhere to ATCUSA, ATCOT, OSHA and local Fire Code standards.
● Be responsible for the physical, spiritual, and emotional welfare and development of the students while in the house.
● Be responsible for the supervision and guidance of the Program staff.
o The Program Coordinator shall have decision-making power in the approval and/or advancement of students’ activities and placement.
● The Program Coordinator shall cooperate with the Vocational and Educational Coordinators in regard to student work activities and classwork and confer regarding student conduct and growth.
● The Program Coordinator shall also be responsible for:
o Scheduling Program staff and student responsibilities on a weekly basis and posting the following week’s schedules
o Maintain discipline within the program according to the “Student Rules” and the “Discipline Policy”.
o Oversee student discipline.
o Handle all students’ correspondence; approving sending or receiving mail.
o Assign each new student an advisor and a Big Sister.
o Meet with program staff members on a weekly basis to discuss any business that is particular to that staff and her responsibilities.
●She shall meet with selected advisors on a weekly basis to discuss the students’ progress.
● Counsel the student with the advisor present as necessary.
o Conduct regular evaluation of the students by receiving input from appropriate staff members. Notes shall be maintained in “myTC” or equivalent system.
o When a student is terminated from the program for any reason, the Program Coordinator shall
● fill out a termination report and place in the student’s file
● notify the emergency contact listed on student application.
● If she is on parole or probation, the Program Coordinator shall notify the officer by phone as soon as possible and in writing if requested by the officer.
● The dates and names of phone calls should be recorded on the student’s termination report.
● Inform the local campus Director before dismissal or termination of a student.
o Conduct a weekly Dormitory Meeting to coordinate activities, make announcements, clarify rules and resolve conflicts
o Ensure the general upkeep of residential facility, vehicle and equipment.
o Monitor inspection of all housing and office safety devices, fire extinguishers, first aid kits, and smoke alarms.
o Prepare a monthly report of completed and needed repairs. Maintain monthly maintenance budget record of money spent and projected expenses for the next month.
o In addition to extracurricular activities, the Program Coordinator’s normal schedule shall be, but not limited to, weekdays 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. As a ministry, the Program Coordinator is subject to being on-call 24/7.
● In case of a student emergency, the Program Coordinator must be notified.
If the Program Coordinator cannot be contacted, the local campus Director must be notified.
o Make sure adequate supervision of students is available at all events and services. Attend all in-house services when possible.
o Approve student’s admittance for Induction, First Phase, Second Phase, Re-Entry and Restoration.
● Student advancements from one phase to another must be done by consulting with the Education Coordinator.
o Schedule use of vehicles and log vehicle usage to ensure there is no frivolous use of ministry vehicles.
o Be available to assist the local campus Director in other areas as requested.
o Type monthly report letters for students on probation to their probation officers.
o Maintain numbers for students’ phone log.
o Oversee searches of students’ belongings for items not allowed on campus.
o Secure all student medication in assigned, locked location.
o Give student a tour of the facility and introduce him/her to the staff and the other students they will be living with.
o Make available to the student a copy of daily schedule and copy of job assignment description.

Admission calls and interviews will be handled by Program Coordinator if no Admissions Coordinator is available. Refer to Operations Manual for procedures.

  • Center Type : Women (18+)
  • Center Name : ATCOT Houston Women Campus
  • Contact Name : Julie Johnston, Director

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Pasadena, until improvements are made on facility we are moving to, within the next few months. It is a beautiful country side property with trees, pond, and pool.Texas  Show Phone Number

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