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Minister/Senior Staff

 Full-Time / Posted 2 weeks ago

Adult & Teen Challenge of Arkansas is looking to fill a position as a Minister/Senior Staff.

• 2 years Teen Challenge staff experience or other ministry experience
• PSNL certified or willing to become certified quickly
• Valid Driver’s License and good driving record
• Flexible on work hours

• On Campus Housing provided
• Utilities paid
• Salary
• Monthly phone stipend
• Vacation/ Holiday Benefits

Job Description

1. Carry a minister load of assigned students.
2. Meet with assigned students at least once a week to encourage, instruct, guide, and head off potential problems.
3. Complete a bi-monthly report on students, noting any discipline, problems, strengths and accomplishments of students.
4. Conduct a background interview with assigned students within the first week of their induction into the program in order to become better acquainted with the students on a formal basis.
5. Spend casual time with assigned students during their first week in the program in order to make them as comfortable as possible, to open doors for them to come to you should problems arise.
1. Make certain that all rules are obeyed.
2. Make certain that a student understands why he is being disciplined, that he learns while doing his discipline and that he carries out his discipline completely. Make sure the problems are resolved.
3. Students free time must be supervised.
4. Supervise evening and weekend when on duty.
5. Assist in carrying out student work assignments. This will involve coordinating the different work assignments and actually working along-side the students, as necessary.
6. Set a good work example for the students in order to teach positive work habits, ethics, and attitude.
1. Responsible for any student needs that might arise, such as coordinating doctor and dental visits, dietary problems, communicating these to a Director and Kitchen Supervisor.
2. Participate in at least one recreational activity per week, directly with the entire student body.
3. Positive and proper attitudes, as well as negative and improper attitudes will be picked up by the student body. Staff should maintain a proper positive attitude at all times.
4. Keep accurate records in student accounts, noting receipts and disbursements for individual student accounts.
5. Induct students when it is necessary.
1. Each Minister/Senior Staff will teach Group Studies for New Life in Christ (GSNL) as determined by the rotating schedule.
2. Students test and homework assignments must be graded and recorded as soon as possible in student files.
3. Help teach Personalized Studies for New Life in Christ (PSNL), supervising students.
4. Must be PSNL certified or become so in the first three (3) months of employment.
5. Write learning contracts for PSNL with assigned students.
6. Preach morning chapel and evening chapel as determined in the rotating schedule and as assigned.
7. Teach one night of doctrinal class on assigned nights.
8. Have student body sign a Thank You card after they participate in a special dinner or event. Ensure this gets done in a timely manner.
1. Work the rotating schedule that is set forth by the Executive and/or Program Director.
2. Adequately communicate problems or observations to other staff members who are responsible for a given area or individual student.
3. Adequately communicate with other staff and the Executive Director in every aspect of the program. THIS IS IMPERATIVE!
4. Reports to the Program and Executive Director.
In addition to these overview job responsibilities, staff is expected to fulfill specific responsibilities established be the Executive Director in his/her portfolio.

  • Center Type : Men (18+)
  • Center Name : Adult & Teen Challenge of Arkansas
  • Contact Name : Christine Griffin

Center Information

PO box 8177 Hot Springs Village, ARArkansas,71910 Show Phone Number *****

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