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 Intern / Posted 5 days ago

If you have an upcoming or recent graduate seeking an Internship, we are interested! We have 2 openings at this time in North Carolina. Please see Internship Program Outline below:

Internship Program (6-month Commitment)

  1. What to Expect: An Internship designed to help recent ATC graduates obtain advanced leadership skills and prepare for the next step in their career with ATC or a similar ministry.
  2. Service Areas (Combination of two or more)
    1. Direct Care
    2. Administration
    3. Food Service
    4. Facilities/Maintenance
    5. Life Skills Training
    6. Fundraising
    7. Small Groups- assisting the facilitators
  3. Growth Track- Professional Development
    1. Free Training via ATC Bridge
      1. Foundations (2 CEU hour)
      2. ATC DNA: Part 1 (4 CEU hours)
      3. ATC DNA: Part 2 (3 CEU hours)
      4. ATC DNA: Part 3 (2 CEU hour)
      5. Understanding & Supporting Healthy Grief (1 CEU hour)
      6. PSNL Facilitator Training (40 CEU hours) **
      7. Breaking Free Facilitator Training (3 CEU hours) **
      8. Intimacy Purpose Facilitator Training (1.5 CEU hours) **
    2. May obtain an NC Commercial Driver’s License Class C
  4. Eligibility
    1. REQUIRED: Successful completion of an Accredited ATC program, a completed Internship application, valid driver’s license, and excellent references from ATC leadership familiar with your work ethic, reliability, spiritual maturity, and your ability to work well with a team.
  5. Privileges
    1. Room and Board
    2. One weekend pass per month
    3. ATC Cell phone and laptop access (With Covenant Eyes installed)
    4. $100/bi-weekly stipend (first 6-months)
    5. Married Interns who live within 30-minutes of their assigned campus may live off-campus with their wife, upon approval of the Program Director, but will be required stay the night on campus at times.
    6. Graduates who successfully complete our Internship Program may be eligible for our Apprenticeship Progam or, if there are current openings, full/part-time positions.

Interested Candidates should contact Steve Coleman, Program & Operations Director, at for introductions and next steps.

**Trainings offered to direct-care interns.

  • Listing ID: 95544
  • Center Type: Men (18+)
  • Center Name: Adult & Teen Challenge of Sandhills, NC
  • Contact Name: Steve Coleman