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Intake Coordinator

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Intake Coordinator
Position Description: The Intake Coordinator is responsible to convey to prospective students 1) the type of ministry, 2) level of commitment required from them and, 3) the level of commitment OKATC is willing to give them as we join with their efforts of experiencing a transformed life in Christ.
General Statement of Duties & Responsibilities: Responsible for planning, control, organization, administration and supervision of the Intake Component of the program.
1. Conducting phone interviews with potential student’s 2. Create initial student file 3. Assessing applicant’s needs, ability and willingness to participate in the entire OKATC program. 4. Represent OKATC before courts with respect to prospective students. 5. Maintain good working relationships with the judicial system, law enforcement agencies and attorneys. 6. Participate in establishing student disciplinary actions and parameters. 7. Prepare statistical data reports as required by OKATC policies and procedures and National Standards. 8. Participating with other OKATC staff in formulating and effecting management policy and procedure. 9. Supporting other OKATC staff as needed.
Supervision Received: Works under the direct supervision of the Program Coordinator who assigns work, establishes goals and reviews the results obtained for overall effectiveness through the analysis of reports and conferences. Employee shall exercise a high degree of independent decision and judgment in relation to applicant intake, and discipline methods.
Supervision Exercised: Exercises full supervision of the intake component of the program, including participation in the selection of new personnel and training.
Examples of Principal Duties: (Examples do not cover all duties that will be performed). 1. A thorough working knowledge of all program policies and procedures relative to assigned scope of duties and responsibilities as described in the OKATC Staff Policies and Procedures Manual”, “Crisis Manual” and the “Student Manual”. 2. Possess good standards of personal hygiene and a clean neat appearance including prescribed standards for hair and dress. 3. Performs investigations and evaluations, and makes recommendations for the program in determining applicant eligibility as a prospective student. 4. Supervises intake procedures upon student entry into the program including inventory, and searches if necessary, of student personal property and monies.
5. Keeps and provides detailed records of applicant registrations, disciplinary action, program referrals to other agencies and program referrals from other agencies in accordance with policies and procedures set forth by OKATC and in cooperation with the Program Coordinator. 6. Acts as liaison or consultant between the program, other Teen Challenge centers and outside agency resources that are able to provide, as needed, recovery services required by students. 7. Works with other professional and social agencies complimentary to the OKATC program. 8. Works with the student in securing student sponsorships. 9. Coordinates and cooperates with parole and probation officers in arranging required student visitations. 10. Assists staff personnel in the selection and evaluation of students capable of supervising outside job details for the program. 11. Makes jail visitations as needed. 12. Assists in other areas of the program as required by the Center Executive Director or designee which may include the supervision of other OKATC staff or interns. 13. Other related work as required.

Recruiting Requirements – Knowledge, Skills and Ability: 1) Individuals need to have a working knowledge and understanding of life controlling problems. 2) Recognized skills (through references or specialized training) in being able to initiate the discipleship process to the point where students can a) function as a Christian in society and b) apply spiritually motivated principles to relationships in the family, local church, chosen vocation and community. 3) Acquire a considerable knowledge of OKATC forms, and procedures used to meet Internal and Standard Accreditation requirements. 4) Display an ability to work in individual and group settings. 5) Display emotional maturity, professional objectivity and the ability to act in a Christian manner. 6) Develop considerable knowledge of outside referral agencies and other Teen Challenge Centers. 7) Develop cooperative relationships with students, their families and the other outside agencies that can support that relationship. 8) Develop and maintain a cooperative relationship with physicians, law enforcement agencies, the court system, parole and probation officers and the community in general. 9) Prepare concise and complete written records of the application and student intake process. 10) Maintain accurate and up to date progress reports and records.

Experience and Training:

It is recommended individuals have either a background in pastoral ministries, social sciences, or personal experience in a Teen Challenge Program. Individuals who have graduated from a Teen Challenge Center and desire to work in this position must have at minimum acquired a High School Diploma or GED. Individuals are expected to participate in continuing education opportunities.

  • Center Type : Men (18+)
  • Center Name : Green Country Adult & Teen Challenge
  • Contact Name : Megan Coe

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