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Educational Coordinator

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Education Coordinator Job Description
The primary responsibility of the Educational Coordinator is to supervise all classes, students
and teachers. The Education Coordinator oversees and is responsible for the Education
● S/he shall be a person of spiritual maturity, amiable to the Assemblies of God doctrine,
and in full agreement with the Adult & Teen Challenge of Texas (ATCOT) mission
● S/he should have at least five years relevant leadership experience. Teen Challenge
ministry experience is desirable.
● S/he shall have a current understanding and working knowledge of addictive problems
and their deleterious effects. He/she shall have knowledge of the various treatment
approaches and the reality that the only cure is in Jesus Christ. He/she shall be
empathetic to those with life controlling problems.
● Complete the Effective Biblical Counseling course or an equivalent course.
● Complete the P.S.N.C. certification course.
● Ideally credentialed as a minister or pursuing credentials in the AG or doctrinally similar
● Must be organized and able to multi-task in this fast-paced office.
Preferred Qualifications
● Bachelor’s Degree from a Bible College or its equivalent.
● Two years Teen Challenge or similar ministry experience.
● One year Teen Challenge classroom teaching experience.
● License/Ordained minister of the Assemblies of God or doctrinally similar fellowship
● The Education Coordinator is directly responsible to the local ATCOT Campus Director.
● Education Coordinator shall work in mutual cooperation with the Program and
Vocational Coordinators in areas where the welfare of the students and program
responsibilities overlap.
Last Revised 07/18/16 2
● He/She shall report student conduct problems to the Program Coordinator.
● Participate in weekly student evaluations.
● Meet with the Program and Vocational Coordinators weekly to discuss scheduled
activities in relation to work and education activities.
He/She will primarily serve as a minister to students in the ATCOT program.
His/her responsibilities include but not be limited to:
● Conduct Bible studies.
● Lead prayer.
● Disciple students.
● Conduct evangelistic outreach.
● Engage in religious instruction.
● Complete staff orientation requirements.
● Teach the Induction, 1st, or 2nd Phase Group studies. Make sure that each class is
adequately covered by a teacher with PSNC training. Especially make sure that the
induction class is taught by a qualified teacher who will be able to lead students to
Christ and give instructions to questions and situations that will arise with new students.
● Keep an inventory of books needed to complete contracts.
● Introduce new students to their classes and see that they are informed of their
academic requirements. Give them their induction binder, complete with induction
contract and student rules.
● He/she is responsible to keep a running inventory and report to the Campus Director
items needed to keep the Induction class, Phase 1 and Phase 2 classes stocked with
materials. An inventory shall be done in January, April, July and October as needed. The
Corporate office only is responsible for ordering LFTL material through the LFTL
● Be prepared to give a report on each student’s academic progress, class attendance and
any observed behavior in weekly grade sheets. Notify the Program Coordinator when a
student needs to be placed on academic discipline.
● Responsible for tracking student hours in classroom.
● Be responsible for the physical, spiritual, and emotional welfare and development of the
students while in the classroom.
● Assist new staff and new interns with PSNC certification and Biblical Counseling
● Become an advisor to those students assigned to them according to the “Advisor
● Participate in discipline and in dealing with student conflicts as necessary.
● Be responsible for ensuring UJ curriculum is taught.
● Teach “MyStory” curriculum to students.
● Check weekly posted schedule for assigned duties.
● Assist Campus Director in other duties as assigned

  • Center Type : Men (18+)
  • Center Name : Magnolia Adult and Teen Challenge
  • Contact Name : Jason Colston

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