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Opening Campus in 2020

The Director shall be the senior staff member and the operations manager for all activities at a
local Adult & Teen Challenge of Texas (ATCOT) campus.

Required Qualifications:
The Director shall be a person of spiritual maturity, amiable to the Assemblies of God doctrine, and in full agreement with the ATCOT mission statement.

The Director will be credentialed as minister or pursuing credentials.

The Director shall have at least five years relevant leadership experience and prior Teen Challenge experience is desirable.

The Director shall primarily serve as a minister to students in the ATCOT program.

The Director shall have an understanding of addictive problems and their deleterious effects. He/she shall have knowledge of the various treatment approaches and realize that the only permanent cure to addiction is through Jesus Christ. He/she shall be empathetic to those with life-controlling problems.

Preferred Qualifications
Business management training and/or experience is a plus.

Licensed/Ordained minister of the Assemblies of God or doctrinally similar fellowship

Bachelor’s degree or its equivalent

The Director shall be employed by ATCOT Board of Directors and accountable to the President/CEO.

His responsibilities include but not be limited to:

Provide and effectively communicate vision and planning for all aspects of the campus.

Conduct Bible studies, lead prayer, disciple staff and students, conduct evangelistic outreach and engage in religious instruction.

Oversight of public relations and fund raising efforts to ensure adequate financial resources.

Represent the campus in social, pastoral, community or business organizations through membership and involvement

Promotion through newsletters, mailings, radio or other means of advertising

Networking with other local ministry leaders within the community

Development of outreach ministries within the community

Support the Teen Challenge USA, Intl Accreditation Standards and fully cooperate with Teen Challenge USA leadership.

Act in accordance with established ATCOT policy and procedures, local, state and federal law.

Recruitment, training, and direction of staff.

Assist the governing body in formulating policy.

Prepare evaluation reports (EOM) of the ministry’s effectiveness.

Analyze and adhere to budget and review financial statements monthly.

Be responsible for all decisions affecting the campus as a whole.

Delegate duties and organize the administrative functions of the local program

  • Center Type : Men (18+)
  • Center Name : Adult & Teen Challenge of Texas - Corpus Christi
  • Contact Name : Austin Baughman

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