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Development Coordinator

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Adult & Teen Challenge Pacific Northwest – Alaska Men’s Campus

Wasilla, Alaska

Position: Program Coordinator – Exempt Employee

Salary Range: Open – Depending on Experience

Benefits: Paid Vacation, Sick Time, and Floating holidays equivalent to 16 days per year, not including paid holidays. Paid Time off increases with seniority within the ministry.
About our Ministry:

Adult & Teen Challenge Pacific Northwest is a faith-based program that helps addicts reach their potential through recovery and spiritual connection to the Lord. We operate facilities across the entire Pacific Northwest, including: Alaska, Montana, Oregon, Washington, and Idaho. We endeavor to provide ministry and evangelism through our inpatient programs, outpatient counseling services, and vocational training through our TC Resale & Donation Centers. Our Wasilla Campus is a Men’s Campus, an in-patient facility where our students stay 12-15 months to complete the program, and will often complete additional internships upon their program completion.

About the position:

The Program Coordinator provides oversight and organization to insure the local center remains focused on putting hope within reach of every addict. This position carries a lot of responsibility toward the ministry at large and is one of the main contacts for keeping the facility running and functional. This position answers to the Center Executive Director and requires great skill in overseeing the organization as a whole and ensuring that everything is up to standard for accreditation purposes, legal purposes, and for the purposes of benefiting and enriching the lives of the students.
Duties & Responsibilities:

Responsible for in planning, control, organization, purchasing, administration and supervision of the program component and staff personnel.
Position requires specific responsibility for:

1) Organization and delegation of administrative functions;

2) formulating program policies;

3) development of and implementation of program policies and procedures;

4) facilities and vehicle fleet maintenance;

5) Teen Challenge Student Bank Account;

6) facility, program and student records preparation, storage and management;

7) assisting the Executive Officer in program planning and budget preparation for the program component;

8) disclosure of student information and records to outside inquiries in conformance with Federal Law 42 CFR;

9) preparing of statistical data reports as required;

10) participating with other program coordinators in formulating and effecting management policy and procedure;

11) preparation and implementation of an Emergency Disaster plan for the facility;

12) program management of health and medical services for students;

13) program transportation; and

14) supporting other program coordinators as needed.
This position is determined to be a ministry staff position by role and function. Duties will include when necessary or directed: Leading prayer and Bible studies, discipling students and others, conducting evangelistic or humanitarian outreaches, and teaching religious or non-religious instruction.
Examples of Principle Duties: (Examples do not cover all duties that will be performed).

1. A thorough working knowledge of all program policies and procedures relative to assigned scope of duties and responsibilities included in the PNATC “Staff Policies and Procedures Manual”, “Crisis Manual” and the “Student Manual”.

2. Possess good standards of personal hygiene and a clean neat appearance including prescribed standards for hair and dress.

3. Assembles data and prepares regular and periodic reports pertaining to the work and overall effectiveness of the program.

4. Conducts special studies for the Center Executive Officer, regarding the feasibility of establishing new programs which involve the coordination of several program components of considerable cost; provides recommendations to the Center Executive Officer based on the research performed.

5. Confers with component coordinators and the Center Executive Officer to develop plans to resolve difficult points of procedures; carries out directives and resolves problems independently.

6. Evaluates and is responsible for the accurate preparation, maintenance, safe storage and management of all student, personnel and facility records in conformance with program policies and procedures;

7. Supervises and manages the Teen Challenge Student Bank Account;

8. Preparation of National reports to Teen Challenge and Speed-the-Light;

9. Conducts facilities and vehicle fleet maintenance and required inspections in conformance with program policies and procedures.

10. Inventory, control, purchasing and storage of the following: 1) janitorial supplies; 2) laundry supplies; 3) facility cleaning equipment and supplies; 4) oil and lubricants for fleet vehicles; and, 5) student personal hygiene supplies;

11. Acts as primary liaison for outside inquiries for disclosure of student information and records in conformance with Federal Law 42 CFR;

12. Prepares and implements an Emergency Disaster plan for the facility;

13. Provides Transportation to outside church services, if within a reasonable distance, for students.

14. Position involves supervision of staff personnel and coordinators; plans, assigns and reviews the work of subordinates and program coordinators; and responds to problems related to work overflow and effective use of personnel and develops solutions to solve problems.

15. Implements and coordinates personnel management for the program in conformance with stated program policies and procedures.

16. Organizes the administrative functions of the program, delegates duties and establishes a formal means of accountability on the part of subordinates.

17. Develops and implements policies and procedures to assure clear definition of staff roles and responsibilities, lines of authority and equitable work loads which assure adequate treatment for the students.

18. Is responsible for the recruiting, employing and training or arranging for training of qualified staff and terminating from employment any employee who performs in an unsatisfactory manner.

19. Supervision and management of the student health and medical component;

20. Cultivates and enlists the financial support of charitable trusts, grants and business organizations;

21. Availability and cooperativeness to assist in other areas of the program as required by the Center Executive Director; and,

22. Assures that student funds and personal property is not diverted for the use or benefit of any other person or the facility.

23. Attends to student or staff complaints or grievances according to the policies and procedures of Adult & Teen Challenge Pacific Northwest.

24. Is responsible for the daily operation of the facility in compliance with applicable State laws and regulations, National Teen Challenge policies and procedures and program budget policies.

25. Other related work as required.


Experience and Training:
1. Graduation from a four year college or university with major course work in public administration, business administration, liberal arts or related field; or

2. (2) years of office management or responsible lead clerical work, one year of which must have been in a supervisory capacity of other staff; or

3. Any satisfactory equivalent combination of experience and training demonstrating the ability to effectively execute the duties and responsibilities of Program Coordinator.
Special Requirements:

1. Possession of, or ability to obtain within 30 days, a valid driver’s license in State of domicile.

  • Center Type : Men (18+)
  • Center Name : Alaska Men's Campus
  • Contact Name : Doug Wever

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